Next Steps
Believers in Christ Jesus are commanded to be baptized. Baptism is a picture of Jesus’ death and resurrection from the dead, demonstrating what happens at salvation where we die to our old, sinful self, and are raised to new life in Christ. Contact us about being baptized.
Become a
Our membership class explains our purpose, vision, and what we believe. You’ll be given the opportunity to become a member of Siloam Fellowship and explore the many ways to get involved in ministry. Let us know you’d like to become a member. Contact us about membership.
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
God has given each of us different skills and abilities to use for His purposes. We use an online test to help identify spiritual gifts. Take the test for adults or the test for youth, then forward your results by email here with your name in the subject line.
The spiritual gifts God has graced our lives with help shape our lives for service and ministry to others, those in and out of the church. Let us know you want to get involved and we’ll help you find a place to impact lives for God’s purposes by contacting us.